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From manufacturing facilities to hospitals to sports venues, building professionals count on Xaap to simplify system inspections.

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Save time

Save time

Out-of-the-box templates are available for NFPA 10, 15, 25 and 72 reports (and others) and are updated automatically to stay current with ever-changing regulations. Templates can also be customized, as needed.

Streamline inspection efforts

Streamline inspection efforts

Xaap helps you establish an orderly process for performing fire, life safety and security system inspections, reducing inspection time.

Get a centralized view

Get a centralized view

Xaap gives you full visibility across all your buildings, so you know reports are being produced on time, deficiencies are being addressed and inventory is being kept up to date. View, download and share inspection reports from the Xaap web app easily.

Enable collaboration

Enable collaboration and consistency

With Xaap, you set individual permissions, deciding who has access to individual buildings, locations or system inspections. Yet everyone works from a shared source of data so tasks are better coordinated and everyone stays in sync.

Create Reports Your Way

Xaap comes with standardized, out-of-the-box templates that support reports for NFPA 10, 15, 25 and 72, The Joint Commission and DNV. Reports can also be customized as needed or as requirements change.

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