Easier, smarter fire and life safety compliance - for all your facilities

Xaap is an inspection reporting application that helps you streamline the process to maintain, track and ensure system compliance, and manage your reporting needs

Xaap mobile app and web app

Simplified compliance reporting. Powerful results.

Watch a video to see how this convenient online platform provides a centralized view of safety and compliance while supporting collaboration.

streamline inspections

Streamline inspections

Xaap helps you establish an orderly process for performing fire & life safety, security and other building system inspections, reducing inspection time.

increase efficiency and accuracy

Increase efficiency and accuracy

Validate inspection process and results with optional barcodes or Xaap Gateway to supported panels.

easily access and manage reports

Easily access and manage reports

Find what you need quickly. Cloud-based inspection reports follow a consistent format and are accessible via the Xaap web app 24/7.

Customize as needed

Customize, as needed

Standardized inspection questions and report templates can be easily modified to meet changing regulations or individual needs.

establish permission

Establish permissions

Set permission levels to control who has access to individual buildings, locations or system inspections and data.

collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate seamlessly

Inspectors, technicians and service providers all work from a shared source of data, so tasks are better coordinated and everyone stays in sync.

act, plan and budget with confidence

Act, plan and budget with confidence

With a single, comprehensive view into the status of building system compliance, you are better equipped to address issues, make plans and avoid crises.

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Learn how we helped Greenville County Public Schools stay compliant

"I have used Xaap now for over 2 years and can not speak highly enough of the team and the product. As an inspector for a school district, using the app has helped so much with infield inspectors and panel inspectors, as we can eliminate what is being tested immediately and save time by both of us in the app seeing what has been tested, notes taken and giving an on-site report to the school. It helps our technicians as they can see the make and model of the product, if failed, so can make only one trip and taking a picture of the device that fails and having it on the report. Also, having access to all the reports on the website to access anytime, if a customer needs it helps so much."

Frank Manganella, Lead Fire Alarm Inspector

Create Reports Your Way

Xaap comes with satandardized, out-of-the-box templates that support reports for NFPA 10, 15, 25 and 72, The Joint Commission and DNV. Reports can also be customized as needed or as requirements change.

The Xaap Mobile App

The Xaap mobile inspection reporting application allows inspectors to capture inspection data for building systems and generate inspection reports directly from their mobile phones

an inspector looking at mobile phone

We make the inspection process easier for you