Putting control back in your hands

Your buildings. Your data. Take control of your inspection strategy with Xaap, a digital compliance reporting solution.

a facility manager looking at compliance data

Xaap for Building Managers and Facility Managers

access and manage reports

Access and manage reports 24/7

View, download and share inspection reports easily. Xaap's cloud-based inspection reports follow a consistent format, and are accessible via the web app 24/7.

get a centralized view

Get a centralized view

Xaap gives you a centralized view of safety and compliance across all buildings and inspection types, so you know reports are being produced on time, deficiencies are being addressed and inventory is being kept up to date.

establish permission

Establish permissions

Xaap allows you to set permission levels to control who has access to individual buildings, locations or system inspections and data. Some users can also be granted view-only access.

enable collaboration and consistency

Enable collaboration and consistency

With Xaap, everyone works from a shared source of data so tasks are better organized and coordinated, reducing misunderstandings and duplication of efforts.

reduce reliance on underperforming providers

Reduce reliance on underperforming providers

Because you control your compliance data, there is no barrier to switching service providers. Your building data will always be yours.

act, plan and budget with confidence

Act, plan and budget with confidence

With a single, comprehensive view into the status of building systems, you are better equipped to address issues, make plans and avoid crises.

Create Reports Your Way

Xaap comes with standardized, out-of-the-box templates that support reports for NFPA 10, 15, 25 and 72, The Joint Commission and DNV. Reports can also be customized as needed or as requirements change.