About Us

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The Xaap Story

When Xaap was developed in 2015, our primary goal was to help facility managers and their internal teams improve the building system inspection and reporting process. As we began to roll out early versions of the tool, however, it became clear that Xaap appealed to a much wider audience.

Today, with over 4,500 active users performing over 30,000 inspections monthly, Xaap is an innovative platform that delivers an efficient, accurate and streamlined inspection experience—not only for facility managers and teams who maintain their own systems, but also for service providers.

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Our Mission

Redefining efficiency and insights for facility teams

Xaap builds tools that help facility teams perform inspections faster, more accurately and with greater insights into the status of facility compliance.

Our Vision

Enabling the safest and most insightful environments

We envision Xaap becoming an essential tool to help our customers protect people and property and, with data-driven insights, make better-informed decisions that allow them to avoid crises and plan confidently.

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What's with the name and logo?

Xaap (pronounced "zap") isn't a fancy acronym or the name of an ancient mathematician. We just think "X" is intriguing (think: Project X!) and it reflects the power of the platform, as in "the X factor."

In the logo, the "X" takes the form of an infinite loop, because it illustrates the limitless ways Xaap can be used and the multitude of inspection types it can handle.

You’re In Good Hands

As an innovative software solution, Xaap continues to evolve to meet customer needs

Our Customers

We're proud to be helping customers efficiently maintain, track and ensure system compliance

Work for us

We're always looking for people who are passionate about what they do and are driven to make an impact.